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Giving value to our ICT & Telecom clients relies upon our ability to keep ahead of ICT trends, stay updated and always make sure that we not only know about the latest products, technologies and solutions, but that we understand how they work. Since 2016 RIQOM Solutions has consistently challenged herself to remain at the leading edge of technology. After all, when you are providing products and services that support leading institutions,You better be on top of when it comes to technology! RIQOM Solutions works with the most innovative technologies and uses them to transform the way you and your customers do business. We have implemented and supported thousands of technology solutions for Enterprise, mid-market and small business, across almost every IT and telephony platform you can think of – often rescuing projects half-way through and still meeting our client’s committed SLA’s. As the ICT giants continue to invest in Research & Development so technology increases in complexity. At RIQOM Solutions we remain successful by consistently investing in our people, our operation to deliver the resources our IT clients not only need, but demand.If you are an IT business that needs ICT&Telecom resource for your Unified Communications projects, ICT Supplies, technical support and maintenance to deliver advanced Network Security,integrations, consulting or resources or any other supplementary or complementary ICT skills please ask us – if we can’t provide it, we probably work with a trusted business partner that can.

Our History

Riqom Solutions was started in the year 2016 as a business. Our core value is to fill up the ever constant demand for a more personalized, efficient and quality service. This has been prompted by the ever-growing information communication technology industry and the associated need for effective support system.


Our essential mission is to deliver total integrated business solutions which are designed to help companies move to enterprise computing environments and at the same time provide them with advanced experience in offering products that are affordable and outstanding services while maximizing shareholders value.


Riqom strategic intent is to be recognized as the leading brand in East and Central Africa in commercial ICT & Telecom services providing sustainable, high quality, innovative and value based solutions to our clients.


Riqom is dedicated to giving customers the freedom of choice and improved value that result from open systems based solutions. All our industry partners are committed supporters to open systems guidelines.

We are

We provide ICT &Telecoms services and consultations in the area of specialized Networks, Databases, ICT Support, ICT supplies, contracts, Data Back-ups & restoration, Websites, Software and Hardware maintenance. Suitable for individuals, corporations,law firms, NGOs, insurance companies, shopping malls, banks, residential estates, schools, and other institutions.

Our Work

Web Design

At Riqom Solutions, we understand your website is how you introduce your business to potential customers online. It is a unique representation of your business image and must establish your credibility at a glance. Engaging copy, enticing imagery and a thoughtful design all work together to put your business's best foot forward. Get an affordable website built for your business. Work with our experts to get a website designed for your small business, a targeted online marketing program, and real-time tracking of the results.

Office Automation and Support

Downtime can cost organizations millions in terms of lost working time and solving IT issues. Partnering with Riqom is the easy way to ensure that your customers increase their business productivity thanks to IT systems that are always available and delivering value to their business. A fully functioning and business-focused IT environment is a critical part of the effective organization. This is why we have developed our own support methodology, based around managing, monitoring and maintaining business systems.

With Riqom’s support services, your customers can ensure that they always experience maximum value from their solutions, and make the most of their investment in IT. By bringing our manage, monitor and maintain approach to supporting your customers’ IT infrastructure, Riqom can ensure that they enjoy a positive experience with our expert consultants and engineers. With the Riqom team readily available to answer your customers’ IT queries at any time with 24×7 IT help desk and onsite support teams.As a white label managed service provider, we operate as an extension of you, so your customers will be thanking you for the expert service they receive, the peace of mind you bring and the additional value you have added to their business.

End User Computing

Businesses often have reservations about updating end user software, because they fear it could affect business productivity. Riqom strives to deliver the best end user experience possible to your customers. By letting us take care of the installation process, disturbance will be kept to a minimum and productivity maintained. • As a multi-vendor technology provider, we do not have any bias towards specific technologies. Our prerogative is to find the system that best fits your customers’ requirements • These solutions can transform a workplace, by giving your customers access to their desktop from remote locations via mobile devices • Riqom can deliver modern technologies such as cloud hosting and touch screen facilitation to your customers’ desktops

To ensure that your customers get everything that they need from their end user system, Riqom’s technical developers and engineers will liaise closely with them to define their needs before they build the system. Following this, Riqom will offer user implementation assistance to help your customers derive maximum benefit from their solutions. As a vendor agnostic business, Riqom do not hold any bias when we advise your customers which end user software to choose. Our only aim is to ensure that we deliver the perfect IT solution to your customer.

Computer maintenance and Repair

When your computer is super slow our team of experts will help. We can return your computer to peak performance by remotely repairing it at a reasonable and affordable price. We offer a wide range of services including a general PC tune up, virus and adware removal, software upgrades, as well as assistance with any other issue you may encounter including hardware replacements. We can also Do the below tasks remotely:- Virus and Spyware Infections, Software installation and configuration, Driver installation, updates and configuration, Hard disk crashes, errors and fragmented, Incompatible and outdated drivers, Printer problems, Operating system errors, Computer boot problems and errors, Super slow computer issues, Computer reboots and crashes, Slow Internet connection, E-mail account configuration, Problems with network connections, Damaged or corrupt registry repair.

Networking and Data Security


Network planning is essential for guaranteeing high-performance and long-term network operations. Riqom Solutions helps clients identify business and technical requirements, develop network design plans and recommend courses of implementation. Network consultation and evaluation is provided free of charge. Once the client's network requirement and needs are defined, we will provide a formal plan proposal including the pricing and delivery date of the planned implementation.

Network Cabling

Our network services include network hardware, computer hardware, software, cabling, network installation & configuration, maintenance and support services. We install Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 wiring systems, from installation, termination, to testing.

Network Equipments

Riqom Solutions carries all name-brand network equipment Cisco, 3Com, HP, Intel, just to mention but a few, ranging from NIC cards, to hubs, switches, and routers. Preferred servers include Dell, HP and IBM.

Configurations & Installation

Our certified network specialists have expertise in network server configuration, switches and hubs deployment, IP addressing, router configuration, implementing remote access technology, as well as client stations configuration. Our quality services are delivered on time and within budget, we also enable clients to manage their costs and time effictively.


Our services are extended to the home network as well as business and corporate clients. Let us show you how easily you can have two or more computers share an internet connection. A domestic computer network may be the solution you're looking for.

Data and Security

Scammers, hackers and identity thieves are looking to steal your personal information - and your money. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself, like keeping your computer software up-to-date and giving out your personal information only when you have good reason. With Riqom we can provide a solution for this. Through routine Data Back-ups and restorations as well as enforcing all security measure to secure your infrastructure.

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